Comprehensive Network Solutions

High-security, high-performance, scalable, and fully customisable network solutions tailored to meet your specific corporate needs. We deliver comprehensive and cutting-edge services that optimize your network infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity.
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Enhances Efficiency

Streamline operations and optimize productivity with our solutions.

Maximises Security

Protect your network and data with robust security measures.

Improves User Experience

Enhance user satisfaction through seamless network performance.

Ensures Legal Compliance

Stay compliant with relevant regulations and obligations.

Ensures Business Continuity

Maintain uninterrupted network services for smooth operations.

Reduces Intervention Time

Minimize downtime with swift and efficient issue resolution.

Secure, High-Performance Networks for Your Business

We offer a range of high-security, high-performance, and scalable networking solutions tailored to your corporate business needs. With a proven track record since 2003, Telcoset is a leading System Integrator in the UK, specialising in delivering fully customised network solutions.

Our experienced team of experts, with international project experience across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, ensures that our professionals design, implement and manage your network infrastructure. We adopt industry best practices and standards, guaranteeing the highest service quality and customer satisfaction.

From network design and architecture to installation, configuration, optimization, and monitoring, our comprehensive range of services caters to businesses of all sizes. We offer scalable solutions to accommodate your growing business needs, providing seamless integration with your existing systems.

Communication Network

During the digitalisation process, Telcoset ensures the uninterrupted end-to-end management of complex communication network infrastructures to ensure organisations remain competitive in their respective sectors.
Local Area Network (LAN)
Wide Area Network (WAN)
Wireless Network (Wi-Fi)
Network Monitoring and Management (NMS)

Software Defined Networking Solutions

We assist our customers in effectively implementing new types of applications, services, and business models within a short timeframe and at a reduced cost by leveraging Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology.
Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)
Software Defined Access (SD-Access)
Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Integrated Communication Systems

With our Integrated Communication Systems solutions, we guarantee effective communication for our corporate customers in dynamic working environments, regardless of location and time.
Video Conferencing
Web Conferencing

Network Automation

Through the development of customer-specific network automation interfaces, we enable the centralised management of manufacturer-independent network infrastructures for our customers, eliminating the need for extensive expertise. This approach effectively reduces the burden on IT Operations.
Network Automation & Analytics Solution
Open Source Solutions (Python, Netbox, Ansible)

Networking Software Solutions

At Telcoset, we offer Networking Software Solutions that empower organisations to create added value with new business models and services through their network infrastructures. Through our software company, Airmind, we develop analytical platforms integrated with LoraWAN and Wi-Fi technologies, enabling organisations to harness the full potential of their network infrastructure.
Analytics Platform AirVision LoRaWAN IoT
AirSight Wi-Fi Analytics & Marketing Platform
Highlights of LoRaWAN Technology
AirVision is an analytics platform that operates as part of the LoRaWAN application server infrastructure. It provides an online overview of customers' LoRaWAN networks by analysing data collected from LoRaAlliance-certified sensors in the field. With AirVision, customers gain valuable insights and can take proactive and smart actions based on this data.
Long Distance Coverage
Provides up to 15 km of coverage in ideal conditions.
Longer Battery Life
Consumes less energy, resulting in longer battery life.
Low Service Cost
The flexible and secure architecture allows for low-cost system infrastructure.
Alternative Technology
Addresses cases that cannot be serviced with Wi-Fi and cellular communication technologies.
Unlicensed Private Network
Enables the establishment of public and private networks without the need for a license.
IoT Business Models
Provides new revenue-generating business models in the IoT industry, particularly for service providers.
LoRaWAN Kullanım Alanları
Management of Smart Cities
Offers a reliable and cost-effective infrastructure for smart city systems such as waste management, lighting, and parking.
Inventory Tracking
Enables tracking and collection of location information from people and inventories.
Measurement of Gas, Water, and Utility Meters
Allows remote reading and measurement of gas and water meters at a significantly lower cost.
What Kind of Data is Obtained through Wi-Fi Analytics?
The AirSight Wi-Fi Analytics & Marketing Platform utilises Wi-Fi network infrastructures to analyse the presence, demographic features, and interests of visiting customers. It measures venue performance, assesses customer behaviours through survey and campaign modules, and provides value-added data for organisations' sales and marketing processes.
Tracks the number of visitors on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis.
Visit Analysis
Analyses unique customers visiting the store.
Loyal Customer
Tracks the frequency of visits by loyal customers.
Cross Visit
Provides data on customers' visits to different shops.
Duration of Presence
Measures the time customers spend at the location.
Visit Frequency
Tracks the frequency of customers' re-visits.
What Does AirSight Platform Provide?
Creating Customer Profile
Generates a detailed and accurate visitor profile, expanding the customer database.
Venue Analysis
Measures store density performance.
Brand Promotion
Promotes your brand on the Wi-Fi hotspot page.
Real-Time Visitor Survey
Gathers customer feedback via SMS or a survey through the Hotspot interface.
Smart Marketing
Automatically personalises customer marketing campaigns.
Increasing the Number of Loyalty Program Users
Integrates a registration system through loyalty programs.

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