Efficient and Sustainable Data Centre Solutions

Telcoset offers expert analysis, design, optimization, and operation of data centre infrastructure. Our solutions ensure efficient, sustainable, and high-performance data centres, empowering your digital operations.
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Enables sustainable operational infrastructure

Promote eco-friendly practices for a greener data centre.

Ensures business continuity

Ensure uninterrupted operations for seamless business processes.

Enhances energy efficiency of the data centre

Optimise energy consumption to reduce costs and environmental impact.

Facilitates integration among infrastructure systems

Seamlessly connect and coordinate infrastructure systems.

Delivers high-performance infrastructure

Achieve superior performance and reliability for critical operations.

Offers modular and flexible infrastructure design

Adapt and scale infrastructure to meet evolving business needs.

Enhancing Data Centre Operations

Our Data Centre Infrastructure Solutions empower businesses with efficient and reliable data centre environments. Our expertise in analysis, design, optimisation, commissioning, and operation processes ensures sustainable operations and business continuity.

Our solutions enhance energy efficiency, integrate infrastructure systems, and deliver high-performance capabilities. Additionally, our modular and flexible designs enable businesses to adapt and scale their infrastructure to meet evolving needs—Trust Telcoset to provide tailored data centre solutions that drive operational excellence and promote your business to thrive.

Infrastructure Design Consultancy

By prioritising our customers' business objectives, we conduct a thorough analysis of existing data centre spaces and provide IT infrastructure planning and design services. Within our consultancy scope, we offer recommendations that align with data centre standards while considering location alternatives, customer constraints, future planning, and IT trends.
We outline the comprehensive requirements of the data centre.
We rebalance location, power systems, and cooling systems to determine white and grey areas.
We evaluate and compare technologies proposed by suppliers and integrators.
We oversee the installation of fire detection and suppression systems.
We present operating and total ownership costs related to selected technologies.
We design data centres in accordance with recommendations from institutions such as the Uptime Institute, BICSI, TIA-942, ASHRAE, and local regulations.
Veri merkezi yapısal kablolama topolojilerini oluşturarak, en kullanışlı altyapı kablolama sistemleri tasarlıyoruz.

Data Centre Electromechanical Infrastructure

We specialise in the installation and enhancement of data centre electromechanical infrastructure systems. We ensure seamless compatibility and optimal operational performance by integrating various systems together.
Installation of Power and Backup Energy Systems
Installation of Cooling Systems
Installation of Fire Detection and Suppression Systems
Installation of Physical Security Systems (CCTV and Access Control)

Data Centre White Area Infrastructure Applications

We have extensive expertise in providing comprehensive solutions for data centre white area infrastructure. Our services focus on enhancing the reliability, speed, and ease of operation of systems while ensuring effective backup capabilities.
Fibre Optic Cabling and Termination Solutions
Copper Cabling and Termination Solutions
Fibre and Copper Cable Routing Solutions
Network Monitoring and Management (NMS)

Data Centre Assessment

We offer comprehensive assessments of data centres and network infrastructure to optimize their performance and meet the specific requirements of our customers. Through thorough evaluations and measurements, we provide valuable insights and meaningful reports that help our clients make informed decisions.
Energy Systems Inspection Service
Air-Conditioning Systems Inspection Service
Infrastructure Efficiency Inspection Service
Infrastructure Capacity Inspection Service
Thermography and CFD Analysis
Network Inspection Service
Risk Inspection Service
Data Centre Infrastructure Trainings

Data Centre Testing and Deployment

We specialise in establishing and overseeing the testing and commissioning of customer data centres. Our expertise includes defining the scope of testing and commissioning, leading the testing and deployment processes, creating comprehensive work plans, developing level scenarios (Level 3, 4, 5), preparing test procedures, and providing on-premises witnessing of the testing and commissioning process.
Defining the scope of testing and commissioning
Leading the testing and deployment processes
Establishing the scope of the testing and deployment work plan
Developing level scenarios (Level 3, 4, 5)
Preparing test procedures for testing and commissioning
On-premises witnessing of the testing and commissioning process

Infrastructure Project Management Services

Telcoset offers project management services based on the criteria set by the international organization, Project Management Institute (PMI). We prioritize our customers' objectives and comply with the regulations of local authorities to ensure successful project execution. We follow the regulations and guidelines established by reputable institutions in the field of data centre site selection, design, application, operation, efficiency, and technical competence. Although not mandatory, our adherence to these institutions' standards is based on best practices and recommendations.
Uptime Institute
BICSI DCDC (Data Centre Design Consultant)
TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association)
ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers)
TÜVIT (TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH, Germany)
The Green Grid (a non-profit industry consortium focusing on resource efficiency in data centres)
AFCOM (a global organization providing comprehensive training and networking opportunities for professionals in the data centre and IT infrastructure industry)

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